Getting ready for the Holidays!

Get ready for the Holiday Season.  Check our new Snap ME Beads Holiday Gift Boxes and place your orders today.  Our new Gift Boxes include a Single Wire Snap ME Strap and a matching set of earrings priced at 45.99

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1 Christmas boxes V (Luna's Holiday Strap) 2 Christmas  Box I (Marie 's Christmas) 3 Christmas Box III (Jasmine's Winter) 4 Christmas Box IV (Beth's Holiday Strap) 5 Christmas Box II (Victoria's Holiday)

A World of Possibilities! Sept 18th Photo Shoot


The Team
Amazing Team - Photoshoot  (Sept 18th 2016)

The Designers Eva and I - parthers and friends
Joie I Business Card Double Wire (front)

Business Card Cardigan-Choker Strap

Y Back Strap Jessica

Snap ME Beads Designs Photo Shoot: Sept . 18th 2016
Single Wire Snap ME Strap
Double Wire Snap ME Strap
Y Back Snap ME Strap
Cardigan/Choker Snap ME Strap

Photographer: Nadine Steward – Night Swan Photography
Joie Erolin
T’Keyah (TK) Dumoy
Jessica Sturm
Location: Residence Inn Fort Lauderdale Airport & Cruise Port

One Strap; two different ways of wearing our Snap ME Beads Strap!

Vicky is one of our first international customers and a dear friend.  Yesterday she was at the Fuengirola Fair which is held in Malaga, Spain and she was so excited to share with us the pictures below to show us how she is wearing her beautiful Snap ME Strap.

”I feel feminine wearing the strap and I received a lot of compliments about my beautiful strap…” – Vickmary Saltzman Falco

This first look is a night look!
Vicky II

This second look is a day look!

One rhinestone at a time!

I wear my Snap ME Bead Strap with pride, not only because I enjoy selecting each bead to create an amazing and unique combination but because each strap is handcrafted; from selecting the right wire, to selecting the beautiful beads and then carefully gluing each rhinestone to the important component of our design, the round 26mm magnetic snap on magnet!

Each strap is customized.  We want to make the perfect strap for you, tell us what you want, what you like and who you are and we will make sure your Snap ME Strap reflects the woman you are, fashionable, confident and beautiful!

How I use my strap

Handmade, each rhinestone is carefully placed and glued to each magnet

Some of my toys this great Sunday!



Accessorizing While Having Fun!

Snap ME Beads Straps are not just another strap; it is a new, fresh and innovative way of accessorizing while having fun!  

Check some of the possibilities!  

Y Back Snap ME Strap!

Our client and friend Iris has found a unique way of wearing her beautiful strap!  How cool is this!  

Iris Y Back


Iris II

My friend and business partner Eva, just showing us how she wears her Snap ME Straps!  

Single Wire Snap ME Strap 
Eva I

Cardigan Snap ME Strap
Eva IV

Eva in Venice, Italy!

We do love our job and as much as we do, we realized that not everything has to be work.  We need to make time to have fun and relax and Eva just knows where to go.  Just last month she took a nice vacation that landed her in Venice, Italy.   She enjoyed the new trends and the highlight of her trip was definitely her visit to the Murano Factory.

Beads, beads and more beads!  You can’t go wrong with Murano glass beads!

Here are some pictures she wants to share with you all.  Enjoy!  


This piece of art has my name all over, I am sure my dear friend took this picture just for me. ; )    Thanks Eva!  


My favorite part was being part of Venetian workshop to design my very-own Murano bracelet. Eva



A Happy Customer!

Just this weekend Eva and I had the opportunity to share with some friends and a very happy Snap ME Beads Designs customer.  It is customers like Jackie that make us feel like we are on the right path and that all our hard work has not been in vain.   Jackie could not stop smiling; Eva and I could not either!

When we make our designs we think of everything, quality, style, wear-ability and how our customer will feel when they wear our Snap ME Bead Straps.  Thank you Jackie for believing in us and enjoying our Straps.


Eva taking her time to explain the many ways our Strap can be used!


Partners and Friends!  Ready to take the world over, one bead at a time!



Happy Memorial Day!

Happy Memorai Day

Remembering those who fought for our freedom and who continue to sacrifice so that we can all enjoy days like today!   We should remember you and thank you every day not just today!  From our Snap ME Beads Designs Family to yours Happy Memorial Day!