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When Eva and I meet while attending the Ft Lauderdale Art Institute we immediately knew we would be great friends.  Soon we realized that we would one day come together and combine efforts to share with the world our vision and our ideas.  It is not by coincidence that you meet someone who has the same vision as you making this partnership one of great strength and inspiration. 

The day is finally here, two designers, two friends sharing with you our vision, our creation and our story.  Living in separate countries and having an ocean between has proven to be the source of inspiration and strength we needed to feed our creativity and  ideas and to give us our own unique perspective on life, on our art and on our creation.


Besty and Eva

Betsy and Eva

We are proud and look forward to the many milestones ahead of us.  Come join us on this amazing and inspirational journey.  Let us enlighten you with our views and images of the world. 

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