Our Single Wire Snap ME Bead Designs Strap and How to Wear!

Snap ME Beads Designs is a new, creative concept of accessorizing. Our fashionable beaded straps were designed to give you the confidence to turn any garment into a fun and stylish piece.

What makes our Snap ME Beads Straps so special is a magnetic snap-on magnet, that not only is easy to use but will not damage your garment. Each strap is handmade and customized to represent your style. There are many possibilities when you use a Snap ME Beads Strap; you are not limited to wearing it one particular way. Take a look at the brochure below on the different options you have on how to wear our beautiful Single Wire Strap.  

You will make a statement wherever you go when you wear a Snap ME Beads Designs Strap!


Image strip 4 x 20-5


161222 _snapme_FINAL

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