Snap ME Beads Designs, Not just another strap!

Our decorative straps were developed to be used on any garment you wish to accessorize to change a simple garment into an elegant and sophisticated outfit. Whether you are attending a dinner date or a special event, you will enjoy and love wearing our Snap ME Straps.

What makes our straps special is an essential piece and one that makes our designs unique and innovative. Each Snap ME Strap is beaded with top of the line ceramic, rubberized or crystal beads and they are to be “snapped on” the garment. This is possible because we are not using conventional hooks that can not be used on every garment; we are simply using a round 26mm magnetic snap on magnet. This magnet has the strength to stay “snapped on”. The magnet will make using our straps easy, fun and most importantly it will not ruing your clothes.

Image strip 4 x 20-5 

JOIE Multi Color Strap Multi Color Strap JOIE

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