Our Extension Snap ME Strap proving to be a favorite!

This is our newest Snap ME Strap and so far it has been selling and proven to be a favorite. What a fantastic piece! You not only get more beads but more options to wear our Snap ME Strap. Visit our website and pick your colors and type of beads for your new Extension Piece Snap ME Strap. We promise you, you will love it too!


Extension Piece fun ways II Extension Piece fun ways...

4 thoughts on “Our Extension Snap ME Strap proving to be a favorite!

  1. I truly love this double strap with additional extension option. You can wear it so many different ways and style it the way you want it. Have a fun with it!!

  2. I absolutely love my extension Snap Me strap. It is classy and very versatile. I ordered my custom piece in black with silver accents and a touch of color for even more versatility. I can’t wait to wear all the combinations. Thank you Eva for the great customization and personal touches.

  3. Thank you for the support and encourangement. Eva and I are truly happy you enjoy your straps. We are both determined to give our clients the best.


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