Looking forward to a Beadable 2016!!!

Eva and I are starting this new year with a more clear view and perspective of where we want to take our ideas and designs.  This past year was a great one, one filled with many personal challenges but one also full of exciting moments and growth not only personal but professionally.  As always, we want to thank you all, our friends, our customers who have been there since the beginning and continue to ask you to follow us and enjoy this journey with us.

Today, I was so excited to finally go and do some shopping after being busy with some personal matters (and some Christmas Spirits) that took me away from what I love the most, design and BEADS!   And wow, was I blown away when I walked into my favorite store  😉   I truly felt like I walked into a candy store and left full of ideas and a big bag of beads, beautiful beads, black, red, pinks, clear, glass, crystals and polish acrylics… I am so excited to what is ahead of us and I can’t wait to show you all our next Snap ME Bead Straps!


Let the year begin with a bang II Let the year begin with a bang III Let the year begin with a bangBetzy