Dress it up with a Snap ME Strap!

What girl does not like to shop!

Eva was doing some shopping herself and bumped into this adorable outfit from designer Jessica Simpson.  By the way, I LOVE HER HANDBAG COLLECTION!  And although this outfit is simply adorable, we thought it would be nice to add a little something! Why not one of our Snap ME Straps.

Our beautiful black rubberized, red, black, clear and stripe glass beads, shown on the image below, would simply look amazing with this beautiful outfit.  They were  meant to be together!

If you decide to buy this outfit, do not forget to also buy the Snap ME Strap. You simply can’t go wrong!


Jessica Simpson

SNap ME Black and Red

A dazzling combination!

I currently live in Gothenburg, Sweden and if there is one thing I have enjoyed the most (apart from Midsommar and the summer evenings), is the great sense of style Swedish people have. Gothenburg is such a beautiful city, full of energy and personality.

Last night after having dinner with some special friends, I decided to take a walk into town to get some fresh air.  Coincidentally, I bumped into this little boutique, hiding in a small and dark street; no signs and no name… almost as if it was hiding, and I FELL IN LOVE with it!  It has personality and charm.  It really does not need a big sign with a name!

I must admit, that although I have not wore a hat in a while, I can see myself acquiring one of these and pairing it with one of our Snap ME Straps.  I think it would be a dazzling combination!   Wouldn’t you agree?

Hats IV

Hats IIHats III

Hats I

Supporting another great organization!

Supporting a great organization is always rewarding and this time around we are working with Happy Kids Pre-School in Kungsbacka, Sweden to support one great organization called Action Aid (http://www.actionaid.org).

Action Aid is working with over 15 million people in 45 countries for a world free from poverty and injustice. What makes Action Aid different is that their headquarter is located in Johannesburg. They are the only international organisation with head office based in Africa. They also have offices right across Asia, the Americas and Europe. They focus on the people that others forget. People in poverty. People who face discrimination and people whose voices are ignored.

Snap ME Beads Designs and its founders, Eva Cudak and myself are very pleased and proud to be part of Happy Kid’s effort and we will like to thank everybody involved in this event.  We are very excited to donate a beautiful Cardigan Snap ME Strap to be auctioned on a Silent Auction at Happy Kids during the Charity Week event which took place September 7th – September 11th 2015.  All donations collected will go to Action Aid.

We encourage our clients to check their website and take action!


Charity Action AId


Making a statement one bead at a time!

When Eva and I started this venture we were very careful in determining what materials we would use for our straps. Our priority is making sure that each strap is made out of top of the line beads.

We carefully select each bead and spend a considerable amount of time determining what color and style combination will suit best each strap to make it a unique and special strap.

This is the part I love the most; Making a statement one bead at a time!

Making a statement one bead at a time