Nature inspired!

Sometimes we take for granted the beauty of nature and forget that inspiration can also come from the simplest thing in life.

These two straps were special order from one of our customers in Springfield Mass., and the color combination were inspired by the wild flowers on the image. Simply breathtaking!


Inspiration from nature

Why I do what I do!

I have always been creative and loved playing with different mediums. I love music, art and fashion and when I started this new adventure with my friend Eva, I knew it was going to be a lot of fun. Some of my friends and clients have asked me why I do all I do, and the answer is simple, Because I love it! And I truly hope to be doing this for a long, long time. I love beads, I love creating and I simply love Snap ME Beads Straps!


ME A combination of who I am

A bedazzling summer!

This summer promises to be a bedazzled, glamorous summer. What’s in right now (Miami and in Sweden), is applications of beads and rhinestones. I personally love working with applications and I feel every garment  just looks better with some bling bling


This summer II
This summer IV.