The day is finally here!

We have just launched our business and we are truly grateful for all the support.  We are very proud of our product and we are sure you will love our Snap ME Straps as much as we love them. Please check our website and our Facebook page.  Thanks again and continue to follow us on this journey.


Get to know who we are!

Betzy Morales


I am Puerto Rican descendant born in Brooklyn NY.   I have had the opportunity to live most of my life between Connecticut, San Juan, PR and Florida this one being very close to my heart.  Over 2 years ago I decided to embark on a new adventure which brought me all the way to the Scandinavian country of Sweden.   I have been in an amazing journey that has helped me learn so much about me and what drives me as a designer and artist.  I am dedicated, passionate and I love to create beautiful things.  I have a diverse background with over 15 y ears in the music industry and I have been creating art since I can remember.   In 2007 I graduated from the Ft Lauderdale Art Institute where I meet my friend and now partner Eva Cudak and where our story begins… I can’t wait to share with all of you our story and our dream!


Eva Cudak 


I was born and raised in former communist country Czechoslovakia, presently Slovakia.  I decided to embark in a new adventure and headed to London where I had the chance to experience ultimate statement in Fashion World.   My journey continued to the United States, where I met my husband.  Seduced by the Fashion Industry, I signed up with the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale and graduated in 2008.  Betsy and I have had an instant connection.  Our friendship, passion for art, culture and fashion hasn’t diminished even after Betsy’s big move to Sweden.  Be part of our International Venture… to make our dream come true.

The Beginning of something amazing!

For those of you who are beginning this journey with us, be ready to be amazed and bedazzled. This is the beginning of something wonderful. Partners and friends joining forces from across the ocean to share with you our passion and our designs. Get ready for our story, our plans and to be part of the making a dream come true!!!post_1_hard_at_work,_decisions,_decisions